The odd one out

Peace and quiet at last. The transfer window has been closed and we'll be without proper football until September 12th. It's like pre-season all over again.

All, at the moment, seems well at our great club. Harry's brought in Niko for a snip and we've not had a mass exodus of players.

I'm not sure how close Bentley was to moving up north, but I'm fairly pleased that he's stuck around. I suppose using London Transport appeals more to Mr. Brylcreem than having been seen on Manchester's tram's. He owes a lot to us, the club and especially himself. I just hope he gets his act together. He's a Spur and until he wears anything but Lilywhite, we should get behind the lad.

We've got a squad that can compete on all three fronts. Our defence could do with some TLC, but other than that, everythings peachy.

In the middle of the park, we've got The Hudd, Sgt. Wilson, Kranjcar, The Modfather, Azza, Dos Santos and JJ, all ready and willing.

I want to cast the spotlight on Jermaine Jenas for the time being. Can anyone see him getting a spot in our first eleven when he returns from injury?

Now, I'm not a Jenas hater. I think the lads got some class about him, but I'm not entirely convinced Harry sees him as a starter.

Those of you that have been to the games this season can clearly see what Harry's instructions to the duo in the middle are; "one stays, while the other pushes on". Tom and Wilson have been interchanging when possible and it's been working.

Can a fit Jenas take over from Huddlestone and do the same job? I have my doubts. Harry wants the core of our team to be solid and a foundation from which Modric and Lennon can do their stuff.

Then again, I also have my doubts about Huddlestone's consistency. I think he's taken his responsibilities on the chin,, but does Harry see him or Jenas as Palacios' long standing partner?

I only ask because is was clear to a lot of us fans and pundits that we were definitely after another Sgt. Wilson type midfielder. Sissoko, for instance, springs to mind. From what I saw of him, he fits into how Harry has got us playing. The Frenchman is as strong as they come and an athletic pro that doesn't take prisoners. The same goes for Sandro. I've not seen him play, but from what I've been told, he's a well-built commanding central midfielder that isn't scared to put a boot or two in. He can also play a bit, unlike our first Brazilian installment who was clearly impersonating a professional footballer, but just wasn't any good at it.

I don't think Harry's finished with his spending just yet. Come January, I've got a feeling JJ will be out the door. Who Harry brings in, is another question.

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