Crouch Haters

Walked in the office today, said hello to Patrick (Spurs Season Ticket Holder) and started discussing last nights game.

Paddy is a great lad, but it does annoy me how he (and others) can be so bleak. He's Spurs through and through, yet hates Crouch. Now, I can understand some Spurs fans not getting behind our players, but this guy dislikes Crouchie with such a passion.

"But Paddy, the guy got a Hat-trick last night!?"

"What do I care if he got three goals against a division one side?"

That was basically the gist of our conversation. Paddy's not the only guy I know who doesn't like Crouchie either. Up in the Shelf, there are droves of fans that clearly don't like the guy. The cumbersome lad that sits behind me with what must be his overweight son, can't say a good word about Peter Crouch.

What is it with these Crouch haters?

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