Beck's could move to us

David Beckham will move to a club in Europe during the January transfer window. Everyone said that he would be moving to Chelsea, but after their ruckus with FIFA, I can't see that on the cards.

Redknapp has gone on record and said how much he likes David Beckham. I'm sure he would love him at The Lane just for the status and excess baggage he brings with him. If Harry pulled this one off, where would David play?

Forget him on the right, or left for that matter. I don't think he's better that Huddlestone in the middle of the park either.

Beckham said himself that he's got to be playing competitive football; so much for the MLS then. I feel sorry for the guys that got him to go to the States. He turned up, earns approximately 500 times what some of his team mates take home a week and then has the cheek to say that he needs competitive football in order to cement his World Cup place. David, you made your bed, now sleep in it.

Even if the top bods in the Spurs boardroom think they can pull off a PR stunt like this, I would be amazed if he signed on the proviso that he had to start every game, no matter what.

If the unthinkable happens and he does end up at White Hart Lane, I'll be fairly disappointed. There are far better players in the world of football that could do a job for us.

Harry shouldn't be going for "has-been's".

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