What do we do with Pavlova?

I feel for Pav, I really do. This is the year in which he's supposed to be banging in the goals so that he can get the worldwide recognition he feels he deserves, but he's also wanting to impress Hiddink. I'm pretty sure Hiddink, who never liked Pav wearing Lilywhite, wants all his players playing regularly.

Result? I can see us waving goodbye to Roman Pavlyuchenko, although not forever.

If we play our cards right, we could loan him out for a season. He'll get the playing time he deserves and we'll have a happy Russian, still on our books and hopefully banging them in for another side.

Remember that it's World Cup year. If he does well on loan, his price will soar. If he does well in the World Cup, he'll be worth a pretty dime or two. At moment, I really can see a side coming in for him and paying us back the £13.8 million we paid for him. If we can ship him out on loan, he may well become a £12-16 million player and who knows, Harry may want him back in the side.

Either way, I think it's sianara Pavlova.

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