Three Anin

What do we know about Kevin Anin? We know that he plays for Le Havre, a French team that got relegated last season. He's 23 and has a large build. Sounds a bit like a lineup doesn't it?

If anyone can shed any light as to his position as a midfielder, please do so. A few guys in the office have said that they think he's a defensive midfielder, although they're not entirely sure. Harry must have been impressed with his trial at the club because it looks as though he's trying to get a deal done.

Why would we be interested in another midfielder, unless Jenas was about to pack his bags? In my opinion, we should be holding onto our squad.

If Three Anin (you know it'll catch on if he signs) does join us, let's hope he cuts the mustard. I can't see him being the final piece of the puzzle either.

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