No thanks to a swap, but we'll take Carrick

It was well documented on a fair few Man U forums at the end of last season that Michael Carrick had fallen out with Sir Alex.

In the last week or so, I had my suspicion that Sir Alex has had his eye on The Modfather. Thankfully, Luka came out and kicked that rumour into touch.

I would love to have Carrick back. Even though the Hudd has been playing well in the middle of the park with Sgt. Wilson, I could see Carrick finalising the first 11. He would be a fantastic signing.

Can't see it happening, but there's always that small chance of Harry pulling off a coup like this one, although it looks like he's got his eye on Joe Cole. Can't see that one happening either.

I'd take Carrick over Cole. Okay, they're different players, but Carrick, in my opinion, is needed to push us forward.

Anyway, that's enough of my dreaming for the time being. I'm interested to see if Harry will pick a weakened side to face Doncaster tomorrow. Should be an interesting match as the Donny's like to get in your face. Could be a tricky tie.

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