Defender set to leave

So it looks as though Pascal Chimbonda is about to sign for Blackburn. I think he'll do a decent job for them and Big Sam will get the best out of him. We'll also get a nice £2.5 - £3 million for him, so it's not all bad.

However, a few Lilywhites in the office did tell me about a small conspiracy theory regarding Chimbo. Apparently, we sold Pascal to Sunderland for about £6 million (or thereabouts) during the Keane regime. It became a quite clear that Chimbo had fallen out with someone or a few people at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland still owed us about £2 million of the transfer fee, but they also wanted him off their hands, so Niall called up Harry and asked if he was interested. At the time, we were bottom of the league and Harry was looking for cover in defence. So he took back the Frenchman and Sunderland didn't have to pay us the balance of £2 million.

If we can sell him on to Blackburn for £3 million, we would have made a profit of £500,000. That's not a bad deal for us, seeing as he's dropped well into the Spurs Reserve abyss.

If there's any truth in the Chimbo Conspiracy, let me know, if it's absolute tosh, stay well away!

I'm also looking forward to the match tonight. Harry's said that he'll be playing the likes of Bentley, Pavlova, Hutton and Crouchie. Should be an interesting match. Let's just hope the confidence of the first team has rubbed off on the rest of the squad.


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